Australian Rainforests

A selection of images from rainforests all along the east coast of Australia. Forests are my favourite to shoot, just being in an environment that feels old & fresh at the same time is special.

Somersby web

Somersby Falls during some rainfall recently. I love this place, it’s my go-to whenever It rains, it’s been the place I go to clear my head even before I was into photography. Brisbane Water National Park

The Valley

For this shot, I followed a riverbed during some rainfall. Originally I was disappointed, expecting more water but ended up with beautiful light instead. Brisbane Water National Park

Barrington grandmother tree

One of very old, very beautiful Antarctic Beech (Nothofagus moorei) a relic of Australian rain forests 2000 years ago. Barrington Tops National Park

forrest website

10 visits & a sporadic last-minute race to the National Park after rain had me knee-deep in water shooting this composition. Brisbane Water National Park

strickland web

A capture from deep within the Strickland State Forest. Strickland State Forest.

somersby 2048

It took this shot after following a dry river bed for what felt like hours. Along the way, I found this tree which despite all the odds managed to grow on the rocks in the middle of the riverbed. Brisbane Water National Park

Somersbyehance web

I stumbled across this waterfall during a storm – what I liked was the water flowing right through the ferns, rather than the usual rock shelf and the water was crystal clear. Brisbane Water National Park.

forest honeysuckle small tree

I had the opportunity to pop up to a rainy Barrington Tops & capture some really nice foggy conditions. It had been about 10 years since I last went & at the time I was far away from picking up a camera so it was really nice to head back with the eyes of a photographer: wide-eyed, & composition-obsessed. Barrington Tops National Park.

honeysuckle to post

A misty capture from the Barrington Tops of a beautiful Antarctic Beech tree covered in moss. Barrington Tops National Park.

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I love capturing the outdoors but I also love nature so I’ll mention that some of the areas taken within this gallery are within delicate environments. Here’s an article on how you can reduce your impact on trails in order to keep places like these beautiful for future generations.



I hope you enjoyed the gallery, if you have any questions shoot me a message. For more of my work check out Instagram or my Podcast