Logitech MX Master 2S Review For a Photographer [2019]

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I’m a creative & used both a Wacom tablet & a mouse however I was getting wrist issues.

The issues weren’t from using the tablet pen but from my current mouse, a cheap $10 Logitech M100R combined with the 8+ hours work each day.
That’s when I decided to to go searching for something better
After a ton of research into ergonomic mouses I narrowed it down to either the Contour Design Unimouse or the Logitech MX Master 2S.
I chose the Logitech based on the positive feedback, cost difference ($89 for the Logitech, $160 for the Unimouse) & the ability to customise.


Sensor: Darkfield Laser high precision
200-4,000 DPI (increments of 50 DPI configurable)

Sampling: Up to 210 inches per second
50 G acceleration
1,000 Hz polling

Wireless:  Bluetooth Low Energy
Advanced 2.4 GHz with Unifying receiver (dongle)
Distance: 10m

Buttons: Seven including Back/Forward and middle click
Gesture buttons
Scroll Wheel Main wheel with auto-shift
Secondary thumb wheel

Customization On-The-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment

Software: Logitech Options and Logitech Flow

Dimensions (L x W x D) 0.7 in (18.4 mm) x 0.6 in (14.4 mm) x 0.3 in (6.6 mm)

Weight: 145 g / 0.32 lbs (Excluding cable)

Battery life: Up to 70 days

Battery Rechargeable Li-Po (500 mAh) charged via a Micro-USB charging (cable included)


Cost: $89 AUD (approx $60 USD)

…Essentially it’s a pretty expensive mouse but you get all the bells and whistles


Out of the box

The mouse is packaged in a pretty nice box with everything needed
The package includes:
The Mouse
A mini usb to usb cord (for charging)
A small Usb Bluetooth receiver (if you’ve got a newer computer you won’t need this)

Ergonomics & feel

Ergonomics s was my number one reason for choosing this mouse & it doesn’t let you down
Instead of grabbing onto the mouse like a claw as is usually done with a cheaper smaller mouse with the MX your hands slide in & rest on top which removes your need to use muscles & potentially get something like carpal tunnel. This is great however it took a few days to get used to.
The weight is really well balanced and means as a result along with the padding on the bottom makes the movement super smooth.

The Buttons & functionality

I love shortcuts but didn’t have the ability to use any with the previous mouse. Using the MX blew my mind. It’s got a lot of buttons..seven!

Left/Right click, a clickable scroll wheel, two thumb buttons, a horizontal scroll wheel (awesome for scrolling horizontal within programs like Photoshop), a thumb button and a toggle button (little square) which can be used to lock the scroll wheel.

All of these buttons can be reprogrammed within the Logitech Options application


If you flip the mouse over you’ll see a button with 1,2,3 above it which can be used to bluetooth sync up to three bluetooth devices plus the on/off button.


The MX Master comes with some pretty cool software to help customise the device.
Logitech Options allows you to change what the buttons do, sensitivity & use ‘Logitech Flow’ which lets you
“allows you to switch between computers by moving your cursor to the edge of the screen to copy-paste text, images and files between them” which is super handy & bypasses the need to add something to Dropbox or plug in a USB to transfer files between computers.

Final Thoughts

Honestly this is hands down the best mouse I’ve ever used. It’s asthetically pleasing, is really well weighted & introduced me into a world of customisations and buttons I never knew I needed. On top of this it got rid of the pain I was experiencing in my wrist which in itself is incredible. Editing photos and video with the MX Master S2 is a pleasure!
If you have any questions about the mouse shoot me a message – I’ll pop affiliate links down the bottom for if you wanted to get one yourself 🙂

Hey! I’m Dale – a landscape photographer from the Central Coast of Australia.

I write about all things photography.


  1. John

    Thanks for the review. With my mouse I don’t even use the extra buttons but your enthusiasm has got me interested. What do you use them for? It sounds like a great price for what you get.

    • Dale Gribble

      Hey John!
      I’m glad it was useful for you – I generally use them (for a mac anyway) as easy ways to navigate between different desktops, the launchpad and for the thumb scroll moving left and right without having to move the mouse all the way to the scroll bar, click and shift it that way

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